Sunday 12th March 2023


This competition is suitable for all, from absolute beginners to those that have attended a few competitions previously. It is a perfect stepping stone on to larger competitions and a safe space for anyone wanting to try out competitive Taekwondo. It is worth noting that all of the high level athletes from Aquila who currently represent Great Britain at major International events, started their journeys at Inter-Club competitions.

There will be two disciplines of competition:

1) Contact – Olympic style sparring  2) Non Contact – Patterns 

Those taking part will have 2 medal matches in total, these can both be in 1 discipline or one in each. Gold for the winner Silver for the runner up, so everyone will leave with something. Since the competition is both hosted and managed by Aquila, we will do our best to ensure a fair and competitive match against an opponent from another school / training venue is arranged.


Prendergast Hillyfields Sports Hall (Ivy Road Entrance), 

Adelaide Avenue, Brockley, SE4 1JL

*plenty of free parking available 


Sunday 12th March 2023

Provisional Times:

9:30am – 11am (Under 26kgs)

11am – 12:30pm (26kgs – 39kgs)

12noon onwards (40kgs +)

Due to the popularity of the event, there will be a limit on the number of entries per time slot in order to avoid congestion within the hall.

Closer to the day, we will be providing more specific times for competitors to arrive but this can only be done once we have confirmed signups. Early sign up allows us to allocate the correct amount of time needed for each group to complete their events.

To help facilitate competitive matchups we ask competitors only to arrive during the designated time slots.

How to sign up:
Please click the link here to sign up HERE

How to pay:

The cost is £25.00 payable in cash (in a sealed and named envelope) & for this cost you can compete once in both disciplines or twice in one discipline.

Payments can only be made before the competition. £5 for additional medal matches if you would like to enter more than 2 matches.   

If you are unable to make payment via cash, kindly contact us to arrange alternative payment. 

P.S To assist competitors in the non-contact patterns competition, we have online videos to help practise at home.

Please click here

If you have any questions about the event please email us: [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming the next generation of athletes to our Inter-Club event.

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