Saturday 11th March 2023


A club grading is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their technical skill under exam conditions with the hope of progressing to the next grade.
Date: Saturday 11th March 2023
Location: Prendergast Hillyfields school (SPORTS HALL),
Adelaide Avenue, SE4 1JL
Time: Doors open at 9:20am for warmup and preparation.
The first grading is scheduled to start at 9:30am
*Time slots are referring to members current grades*


Preliminary Grades

White belt -> Yellow Stripe

Yellow Stripe – > Half Yellow


Half Yellow – > Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt – > Green Stripe

Green Stripe – > Half Green

Half Green – > Green Belt


Green Belt – > Blue Stripe

Blue Stripe – > Half Blue

Half Blue – > Blue Belt

Blue Belt – > Red Stripe

Red Stripe – > Half Red

Half Red – > Red Belt

Red Belt – > Black Stripe

We advise arriving at the venue 10mins prior to your scheduled grading time. Please note that times are subject to change.

Eligibility Criteria
In order to be considered for the grading, we need to see a commitment to training in the weeks leading up to the grading.
To participate in the grading, all students MUST wear full Aquila Taekwondo uniform (white uniform)
Beginners (White Belts and Yellow Stripes) are almost always ready to move up to the next grade. Those with higher grades might require more time to develop skills that we assess such as advanced techniques, power, discipline, to name a few. 
You can gain access our online resource by clicking here, for videos of the patterns starting from Pattern 0 – Pattern 8.
In the coming weeks, the instructors will tell every student if they have received an invitation to the grading. If you received a ‘Yes’ from the instructors then you can proceed to enter the grading by completing the form below..
Private sessions (In person OR Online)
Over the last year, many students have benefited greatly from investing in our offer of private tuition. We continue to offer private online sessions or in person private sessions at a time that suits you.
If you would like more information on these please contact us.
How to register
To enter the grading please complete the form via the link below:

Grading Registration Form

Payment is to be made via cash in a named and sealed envelope and handed directly to one of the coaches. Payment is to be made before the date of the grading. Payments made after 11th March 2023 will incur a late fee. Gradings taking place during lesson will also incur a a £10 fee.
**Payments after this date or gradings conducted during lesson will incur a late fee of £10 **
Prices for the grading are as follows and refer to members current grade:
White Belt – 1/2 Green: £35 (Child), £40 (Adult) 
Green Belt – 1/2 Red: £40 (Child), £45 (Adult) 
Red Belt – Black stripe: £45 (Child), £50 (Adult) 
Black Stripe – 1/2 Black: £50 (Child), £55 (Adult)
Please note that if you are unable to make the grading date, the next grading is scheduled for June 2023
If you have any questions about the grading, please email [email protected]
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